Multiple Skills

Strong Life Drawing Skills
Web & Graphic Design
Creative Desgin Thinking
Professional UI & VI Design
Video & Animation Editing
Illustration & Charater Design

Full Energy

5 years professional fine arts training in China since from middle school.
3 years digital art training in Australia with a bachelor degree in Media Arts.
2 years design methodology study with a master of design degree in Canada.

Global Experiences

1 year graphic deisgn experience in China
Web design experience in Australia
Over 3 years Web and Graphic experences in Canada
Globle visual identity design experiences over 5 different countries

Design Tools

Illustrator, Corel Painter, Dreamwaver, Indesign, Lightroom, Premiere, Photoshop
Maya, 3D Max, Animate, Keyshot, After Effects, SketchUp, PrestaShop, Experience Design, Shopify, Charater Animator, Lumion
Bootstrap, Unity 3D, Fuse, Dimension

TING THINKS - Everything you see has been designed, then why not designed perfectly!

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jewellery design - angel's egg
Icon Design
Thesis book

My Vision

As a designer I don’t think I was born with it, I firmly believe that everyone can say I am a designer, but few of them could be a great designer. Everything you see has been specifically designed, even the life of ours. Your life is a collection of what you do every day and even if you do not have a plan for your life that is a plan - a design to nowhere." If we have to design everything around us why don't design it perfectly!

My Experiences

Jun Chuang Interior Design - Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Prepare 3D Modeling
Discusse Design Details With Customer
Prepare Rendering Images

Web Developer - University of South Australia United Nations Society - Adelaide, SA, Australia
Collect Feedback and made process changes to exceed customer satisfaction goals
Worked with upper management to ensure appropriate changes were made to improve customer satisfaction
Improved customer interactions and interview client weekly
Built customer loyalty by placing follow-up calls for customers who reported website issues.

Design Consultant - Goldbaron Hotal - Beijing, China
Visual Identity Design
Storyboard Sketch
Video Shooting & Editing
Interview different factory to looking for correct products to match the style of VI design

Operator & Graphic Designer - Signarama - Markham North, ON, Canada
Confirm the final artwork and find the best solution for customer
Design And Prepare Illustration
Including VI design, UI Design, Car Wrap Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Sign Design, Banner Design, E-Flyer Design etc.

UI & Graphic Designer & Photographic & Art Director - U Canada - Toronto, ON, Canada
Shooting & Editing all online selling items
Design And Prepare Illustration and graphics
Including VI design, UI Design

Web developer & Graphic Designer & Art Director - ADD Group - Scarborough, ON, Canada
Direct the creative process for all marketing projects, including emails, social media, web promos, direct mail and more
managing projects and working within a budget
Working with cross-functional teams to develop basic and enhanced content including copy and imagery for all eCommerce pages
meet marketing objectives and strategies and ability to multitask on tight deadlines
Manage and mentor a team in e-commerce design: delegating, providing feedback and guidance, and ensuring high-quality delivery while acting as the lead designer

Ting Wang
My logo

"Never ever give up to design something better!" - Ting. W


I work hard for all of my projects, I hope every artwork will be appreciated by you!

If you like what I designed, I firmly believe that one day I will get a chance to design something for you!

Web Design 1    Web Design 2    Web Design 3

- More Projects

Visual Identity Design

This project did for a Hotel, who plan to build a new high level hotel in a vacation village. I used Indesign and Illustrator for it.

Brochure Design

This is a brochure designed for a Chinese food company. Used InDesign to layout the page, and Illustrator for logo and graphic.

My Design Quest

This book did for the Master program study, I listed what I learned from NSCAD university. It is a kind of process book.

This video did for Goldbaron Hotel in Beijing.

This video did for my thesis project, it is a streetlight could help to reduce car pollution.

I did this video in the University of south Australia , which is a short and funny video.

Ting's video project

I have done some video works including 3D, 2D and camare shooting and editing. Some of 3D model created in maya or sketchup, and edited in premiere pro or imovie. And some of video was rendering in Lumion.

Thanks For Your Time!

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